HymonBio Products Revealed at the 2022 Israeli MDI Expo


HymonBio Products Revealed at the 2022 Israeli MDI Expo

The annual MDI Expo, Israel’s conference for medical equipment and digital medicine, was held in the Avenue Convention and Events Center of Airport City on June 14. More than 40 speakers introduced the latest development in the industry. More than 750 industry leaders attended the conference, and more than 300 companies participated, providing leading products such as reagents, instruments, and software.

With IPDS as a partner, HymonBio exhibited a series of products, such as the SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit, HAEMOCERT™ Blood DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Test, and nucleic acid extraction series. The rich product line and high-quality performance have attracted interests of experts and agents, promoting a variety of in-depth exchanges and negotiations. Many have expressed intentions of cooperating with HymonBio and IPDS.


HymonBio’s innovative “one-step method” effectively solves the tedious and cumbersome step of nucleic acid extraction. With this kit, the nucleic acid is automatically released in 3 minutes, and sample-to-results is as fast as 30 minutes. Based on nanobody molecular lock technology, (MoLock), and double internal standard design, it achieves high sensitivity, high specificity, and built-in full-process monitoring. So far, it has received no complaints worldwide. The test kit has been reported in more than 30 overseas media, and cited by Dr. Stephen M. Hahn, former director of the US FDA.

Other products include: the MULTONE™ Respiratory Panel Test Kit, MULTONE™ Urogenital Panel Test Kit, and HAEMOCERT™ Blood DNA Colorectal Cancer Screening Test. All of these products use HymonBio’s unique DIDG and MoLock technologies, emphasizing differential diagnosis, shunt management, and early detection. HymonBio actively participates in overseas medical exhibitions, and will continue to expand into the international market.

Post time: Jun-15-2022