“7.11″ We Are in the Taicang Show Factory


“7.11″ We Are in the Taicang Show Factory

On July 11, 2018, the Taicang Branch 10th Suzhou International Elite Entrepreneurship Week was held at Four Points Sheraton Baolong hotel. More than 300 domestic and overseas elites, active in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and biomedicine, gathered in Taicang to seek innovation and entrepreneurship development.


There is a mysterious and lively scene at the activity site - Taicang show Factory show time


Shen Mi, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, visited "Taicang show factory"


Here we are


Nucleic acid extraction and purification reagent (free nucleic acid)

The kit adopts physical and chemical enrichment to achieve nucleic acid purification. Circulating and free nucleic acids are separated and purified from plasma, serum, urine, or other bodily fluids. It is used for the extraction, enrichment, and purification of trace free nucleic acids. The processed products are then used for clinical in vitro detection, such as NGS, liquid biopsy, and other precision diagnosis and treatment.

At present, there are great difficulties in the extraction of small nucleic acids in the market. As far as the extraction efficiency is concerned, current similar domestic products can only achieve 20% to 50%, and international up to 70%, whereas our company’s product can reach 90%.

This product is a sample pre-treatment of our company’s “Coloretectal Cancer DNA Screening Test”, which is used for the early screening of colon cancer patients. Currently, it has obtained the European Union CE Certification (coloSafeTM Coloretectal Cancer DNA Screening Test (NB0316SUH031571)).

Post time: Jul-12-2018