HymonBio participated in Hangzhou new force forum in 2021


HymonBio participated in Hangzhou new force forum in 2021


The 2021 new force forum, sponsored by the people's Government of Xiaoshan District, CO sponsored by Hangzhou Airport Economic Zone and Xiaoshan District Investment Promotion Bureau, organized by Zhejiang Jianxin force Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by the American Chinese Biomedical Technology Association (CBA), opened on the Bank of the magnificent Qiantang River. This is a feast for scientists, entrepreneurs and investment experts. Around the theme of "science and technology integration and pharmaceutical innovation", the guests interpret cutting-edge technology, share entrepreneurial experience and talk about the new future of biomedicine.


The special program poetry recitation "where are the angels" pays tribute to the anti epidemic heroes. Dr. Wei Yingfei, chairman of the new force forum, and Dr. Tan Miao, chairman of  HymonBio Co., Ltd., led to write a hymn of heroes in white


Dr. Tan Miao sang "legend" in the special concert of 2021 new force forum. As the only representative of the biomedical industry, he sang on the same stage with a group of professional singers.


HymonBio participated in this exhibition, showing the COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit, colon cancer early screening kit, free nucleic acid extraction kit, nucleic acid extraction and methylation kit.

HymonBio New crown test kit is fast, accurate and easy to operate. At the same time, it has obtained  FDA EUA certification and CE certification.

HymonBio colon cancer detection kit simultaneously detects the methylation of BMP3, NDRG4 and SEPT9 genes and the full coverage of 22 mutations of KRAS. After preclinical sample research, the sensitivity reaches 96.10%, the specificity reaches 92.59% and the accuracy reaches 95.79%.


Post time: Oct-18-2021