On the 6th anniversary, HymonBio accelerated on the fast lane of development!


On the 6th anniversary, HymonBio accelerated on the fast lane of development!

On August 18, 2021, the 6th anniversary celebration of HymonBio Co.,Ltd. was grandly held in Taicang biological port and the headquarters of HymonBio company. All employees of HymonBio participated in the 6th anniversary celebration. Meanwhile, director Wang Jianqing, the representative of Perkin Elmer venture capital, also attended the 6th anniversary of HymonBio Co.,Ltd.


At the anniversary celebration meeting, Dr. Tan Miao, chairman of HymonBio, reviewed the development of HymonBio in the 6th anniversary. The new crown nucleic acid detection kit and colon cancer screening kit launched by HymonBio are close to the market demand. In particular, the company's new crown nucleic acid detection kit has been approved by  FDA EUA of the United States and CE of the European Union; It is the only Chinese product that has been officially recommended by the director of FDA of the United States and reported by more than 30 foreign media such as Yahoo. At present, the whole company is in a fast lane of accelerated development!

CTO Dr. Chen Hua introduced the current detection reagent product line of HymonBio and the future detection reagent and detection instrument product line, and put forward the development purpose of "health, products and the public".


Then the company awarded the honorary certificate to the outstanding employee Wang Jinwei and thanked him for his hard work and contribution to the development of the company over the past six years

During the meeting of the 6th anniversary celebration, we tasted delicious snacks. Then, we had dinner and sang together to celebrate the 6th anniversary of HymonBio.


[HymonBio Co.,Ltd.]

The co founders of HymonBio Co.,Ltd. are Dr. Tan Miao of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Dr. Chen Hua, a returnee from the University of Texas. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of precision medical industry and POCT related products. The company has applied for 18 patents and obtained 6 authorized patents. 11 products have obtained the Chinese medical device certificate, 2 products have obtained the EU CE certificate, and 1 product has obtained the US FDA certificate and passed the ISO13485 system certification. The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, a private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province, an enterprise supported by the "entrepreneurship and innovation plan" in Jiangsu Province, and a leading talent enterprise for innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou. At present, the enterprise is making every effort to promote the listing of gene diagnosis products for early screening and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.


Post time: Aug-19-2021