Participating in 2022 MEDICA: Welcome to HymonBio


Participating in 2022 MEDICA: Welcome to HymonBio

This year’s MEDICA Exhibition will take place from November 14 to 17, 2022 at Düsseldorf, Germany. It is recognized as the largest exhibition with the most authoritative professional exhibitions for hospital and medical equipment in the world, and ranks first globally for its massive scale and influence. HymonBio will bring a full range of innovative products to the exhibition. We look forward to your presence!

The exhibition is very comprehensive; not only is it a rich industry information platform, but it is also the best platform for information exchange between exhibitors and visitors. Hosted by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, every year more than 8000 enterprises from more than 60 countries and regions gather in 18 halls covering an area of 250,000 square meters. Among its 200,000 visitors include hospital purchasing departments, hospital managers, traders, manufacturers, agents, distributors, and research-and-development personnel. MEDICA has been reorganized to be an international event not to be missed by the medical world.

As a way to integrate and contribute to the global in vitro industry and clinical detection, HymonBio will display our colorectal cancer early detection kit, multiplex panels for infectious diseases, and various others for our global partners.

Exhibition Name: MEDICA Trade Fair 2022

Exhibition Date: 14–17 November 2022

HymonBio Booth: 17E46

Venue: Düsseldorf Germany Hall


Medical equipment: electronic instruments, ultrasonic, x-ray, optical instruments, clinical examination and analysis, dental equipment and materials, hemodialysis, respiratory, hospital wards, operating rooms, emergency room, hospital office equipment, laboratory, etc.

Consumables: medical supplies, dressings and sanitary materials, various surgical instruments, etc.

Materials: medical care, family health care, physical therapy, plastic surgery technology, etc.

Complementary: information and communication technology, medical service and publishing, etc.

Post time: Oct-10-2022