World Health Day | Intestinal Health is Essential for Long-Term Health


World Health Day | Intestinal Health is Essential for Long-Term Health

Our guts are saying: “Today is World Health Day! Let’s take a survey!”

01 You regularly skip breakfast. (Yes/No)

02 You have a distaste for probiotics. (Yes/No)

03 You prefer trendy foods over traditional ones. (Yes/No)

04 You frequently eat at fast-food restaurants. (Yes/No)

05 You prefer eating meat over vegetables.

06 You have regular migraines or shoulder pain.

07 You tend to wake up the next day with alcohol still in your system.

08 You tend to avoid exercising.

09 You tend to stay up late.

10 Your gums bleed when you brush your teeth.

11 You constantly feel fatigued even without exercise.

12 You are prone to constipation with long bathroom breaks.

13 You frequently hold your stool in.

14 You avoid eating staples, such as rice or corn.

15 You avoid potatoes, beans or seaweed.

16 You have rough skin.

17 You are susceptible to illnesses.

18 You have odorous breath.

19 You easily get nervous and irritable.

20 You drink alcohol regularly.


Less than 4 “Yes”

Congratulations! You are as healthy as can be. Maintain a good lifestyle and don’t forget to share your habits with your friends and family.

Between 5 and 12 “Yes”

Better start paying attention! Your guts may already have an imbalance of good bacteria and bad ones have begun to multiply.

More than 13 “Yes”

Take measures as quickly as possible! Your guts have started an internal standoff!

During the early stages of gastrointestinal diseases, people find them a neglectable minor discomfort. By the time they realized it is a serious problem, it is too late. It can even be colorectal cancer! So for the sake of your health, we recommend timely screening, early detection and early treatment to keep cancer at bay.

Post time: May-29-2024