Hymon® MULTONE™ Monkeypox Test Kit


Hymon® MULTONE™ Monkeypox Test Kit

Short Description:

Hymon® provides a quantitative PCR MULTONETM Monkeypox Test Kit for quick and sensitive detection of Monkeypox virus. This kit can detect specific nucleic acid fragments of the virus with Hymon’s innovative “one-step” method as fast as 30 minutes from sample to results. The reagent uses the company’s unique MoLock and DIDC technology, suitable for accurate diagnosis of related diseases. It has the characteristics of fast detection, high sensitivity, and high specificity, and is compatible with conventional fluorescent PCR platforms.

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Product Features

Rapid detection

Innovative and unique one-step method allows sample-to-results in as short as 30 minutes

Accurate and safe

Covers a wide range of guaranteed target sequences

Multiple monitoring

Unique DIDC double internal standard design carries the entire process of quality control from sampling to processing

Unique technology

MoLock nanobody molecular locking technology improves sensitivity and specificity

High sensitivity

Up to 200 copies/mL


Package size

32tests/kit, 96tests/kit.

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