Free Chinese-French-English Laboratorial Dictionary With On-the-Spot Book Signing by the Author!


Free Chinese-French-English Laboratorial Dictionary With On-the-Spot Book Signing by the Author!

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Location: Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center

Booth: A4-1423

Date: May 28-30, 2023

Encountering new technical terms at international medical conferences? Discussing medical issues with colleagues, but then stuck in specialized vocabulary? Writing a thesis but need time to search through vocabularies? Distracted by several translations for the same term, and not sure which one to use? Favorite literature is actually in French?

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In the medical field, we often encounter language barriers, but now, because of this magical dictionary, these problems will become a thing of the past.

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What magic are we talking about? This is a Chinese-French-English dictionary of commonly used words in medical laboratories, edited by Professor He Jinchun of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, with nearly 30000 entries selected. Not only does it include French and English words commonly used in basic medicine, laboratories, and other disciplines, but it also includes words, phrases, abbreviations, prefixes, and suffixes, focusing on progressiveness and practicality. Suitable for technicians engaged in laboratory in various levels of medical and health departments, doctors, clinical workers, as well as for teachers and students.

Who is Professor He Jinchun? Let’s introduce him!

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  • Deputy Director of the Medical Laboratory Teaching and Research Department of the First Hospital and First Clinical Medical College of Lanzhou University;
  • Member of the Laboratory Physicians Branch of the Chinese Medical Association and Chairman of the Metabolic Disease Special Committee;
  • Vice President of the Laboratory Medicine Branch of the Bethune Spiritual Research Association and Chairman of the Chronic Disease Special Committee;
  • Vice President and Chairman of the Experimental Medicine Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association;
  • Vice Chairman of the Rehabilitation Medicine Laboratory Expert Committee of the World Association of Chinese Physicians, Association of Laboratory and Pathologists;
  • Vice Chairman of the Expert Committee of the Cardiovascular Group of the Laboratory Medicine Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine;
  • Chairman of the Medical Professional Committee of the Gansu Provincial Association of European and American Students, and Chairman of the Transformation Professional Committee of the Gansu Provincial Society of Biotechnology.

Want a copy? As long as you attend the Creative Voice Special Forum: Multidisciplinary Cooperation to Promote the Advance of Cancer Prevention and Treatment (held on May 28th in Room 201, Room A, 2nd Floor, Conference Center, Platinum Hotel, Nanchang Greenland, sponsored and co-organized by HymonBio) you can receive a free copy. And that’s not all. Attendees can have their copies personally signed by Professor He after the forum ends! This will make your copy different from other Chinese-French-English dictionaries in the world! Still not satisfied? How about taking a picture together with Professor He? Go ahead and use your charm to gain recognition from him. After all, we all know that “nothing is impossible!”

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HymonBio will bring the “Chinese- French-English Laboratorial Dictionary” to the Nanchang Creative Voice Conference. Together, we will overcome the barriers to medical language, set sail, and assist in the internationalization of medical education in China.

Post time: May-24-2023