Another Adventure to MEDICA 2023!


Another Adventure to MEDICA 2023!

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Exhibition Dates: 2023/11/13-16

Location: Düsseldorf

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The international medical exhibition in Düsseldorf (MEDICA) is a world-renowned comprehensive medical exhibition, recognized as the world’s largest exhibition for hospitals and medical equipment, and ranks first in the world with its irreplaceable scale and influence.

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Held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, MEDICA presents a wide range of products and services in the entire field, from outpatient to inpatient treatment, including all conventional categories of medical equipment supplies including: communication information technology, building equipment, site construction technology, equipment management, etc.

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Germany is the largest medical device market in Europe, and the third largest medical device market in the world after the United States and Japan. The total annual market value is around 30 billion euros and 170,000 jobs created, of which 15% are active in research and development.

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- Largest overall influence in the world -

MEDICA makes Germany a transit market for global medical companies to connect with global partners and distributors. Thousands of exhibitors gather at MEDICA every year to sell their products to Europe and the rest of the world for four days.

- COMPAMED, the largest event for medical technology suppliers, held concurrently at the MEDICA Exhibition-

COMPAMED, held in conjunction with MEDICA, provides a holistic view of the healthcare chain. COMPAMED has developed into a hot show.

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- A platform for exchange of professional knowledge –

The six MEDICA forums bring the most important topics from everyday medical practice to the exhibition floor. The Industry Conferences are a hub for cross-border and interdisciplinary expertise, bringing the insights of renowned experts to attendees.

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In 2023, HymonBio will set sail again and will bring innovative products to MEDICA to showcase China’s creation to global users.

Post time: Sep-27-2023