CEO of HymonBio Appointed as Tutor for MA Students in Southeast University


CEO of HymonBio Appointed as Tutor for MA Students in Southeast University

Southeast University has hired Dr. Tammy Tan, CEO of HymonBio, as an off-campus instructor for Master’s Degree students. In the future, HymonBio will continue to deepen communication and cooperation between enterprises and schools, starting from various aspects, promote deep integration of industries and education, create more opportunities for teachers and students to practice and achieve transformations.

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The appointment system of off-campus instructors for graduate students of Southeast University is an important joint training measure implemented by the school to further improve the quality of graduate training and promote sustainable development of graduate education.

According to this system, off-campus instructors should be held by a deputy senior or professional and above, or an industry or enterprise expert with rich practical experience recognized by the school. The instructor and off-campus instructor and the on-campus tutor jointly participate in and guide the training of graduates. Training includes off-campus practice and management of postgraduates, participation in the opening of relevant courses or special lectures. determining the topic selection of dissertations, completing the proposal and mid-term assessment, other compulsory links of postgraduate training, and cooperate with the school tutor to guide the graduate student’s thesis work.

Post time: Jan-09-2023