HymonBio Awarded the Title of “2023 Grassroots Party Building Demonstration Site”


HymonBio Awarded the Title of “2023 Grassroots Party Building Demonstration Site”

Results were released for the 2023 Grassroots Party Building Demonstration, with HymonBio being award in the city of Taicang.

Party Building and Innovation

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Cultivate new driving forces

As a national high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level research and development enterprise, HymonBio always values technological innovation and emphasizes “hard work”. Currently, the company has obtained 17 authorized patents, 59 products have obtained EU CE certification, 11 products have obtained domestic drug supervision certification, 1 product has obtained US FDA certification, and has passed ISO13485 system certification.

Party Building and Talent

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Unleash new potential

- HymonBio has signed joint training agreements with universities such as Yan’an University and Southeast University, and established teaching and research practice bases. Not only does it effectively enhance the company’s talent competitiveness, but it also provides more practical opportunities and learning platforms for university students.

- Our company fully supports employees to continue their education, cultivate practical and reserve talents on the basis of stabilizing existing talents, and effectively improve the overall academic level of the team.

Party Building and Command Center

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Release new vitality

Focusing on enhancing corporate culture, we aim to create a party building activity platform that integrates theoretical learning of the party, communication between party members and active party members, display of employee style, and reading and leisure bars, known as the “Different Pioneer Station of HymonBio”, to enhance the vitality of party building.

Party Building and Public Service

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Consolidate new forces

The company strengthens the leadership of party building, always adheres to the principle of “living life with love”, and is led by party members to encourage active party members, young people, and female employees to carry out public welfare activities. HymonBio regularly carries out public welfare activities such as building a rural primary school book corner, “offline sharing + online live streaming” public welfare sharing sessions, and yearly science popularization lectures in primary schools.

Post time: Feb-19-2024