HymonBio Products Shine in the 2022 Dubai Arab Health Convention


HymonBio Products Shine in the 2022 Dubai Arab Health Convention

Covering an area of 200,000 square meters, the 2022 Arab Health Convention was held in Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate Dubai UAE from January 24 to 27. Simultaneously, from January 5 to February 28, an online exhibition for the Dubai Medical Supplies in the UAE is in progress. HymonBio brought their innovative SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit, ColoSafe™ Colorectal Cancer Detection Kit, and other products to the exhibition.

The Arab Health is the largest exhibition in the Middle East, with a relatively complete range of exhibits and the most professional medical equipment. First held in 1975, it has since become one of the largest and most comprehensive medical device exhibitions in the world. The exhibit covers the entire scope of the medical industry, including: medical equipment and instruments; medical care and comprehensive services; disposable consumables and consumer goods; basic medical facilities and assets; etc.

HymonBio’s pathogen and tumor detection products were revealed. Here, they unveiled a series of products such as COVID-19 test kits, colorectal cancer detection kits, and nucleic acid extraction. The efficiency of these products had attracted interest from professionals and agents from around the world, and conducted in-depth understanding, exchanges and negotiations.


HymonBio innovative “one-step method” effectively solves the cumbersome procedure of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid extraction. Now, the nucleic acid can be automatically released in a short time frame of 3 minutes, with fastest sample-to-results possible in only 35 minutes. Based on MoLock, nano-antibody molecular lock, technology and dual internal standard design, it achieves high sensitivity and specificity, and realizes full-process monitoring. So far, there has been no complaints from customers worldwide.

This COVID-19 test kit has passed quality evaluation of many clinical institutions, both in China and abroad, including: American Reference Laboratory, Kenya National Laboratory, Shanghai Clinical Testing Center, Jiangsu Medical Device Inspection Institute, etc., and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration EUA certification and the European Union CE certification, among many other national qualification certifications. It has been reported by more than 30 overseas media, and was cited by Dr. Stephan M. Hahn, current director of the FDA.

HymonBio has a rich product pipeline, and has developed products covering rapid pathogen detection, early tumor screening, accurate tumor medication, cardiovascular drug guidance, POCT, and so on. The company’s new Respiratory Triplex Panel Test Kit is also unique; it adopts a leading 35-minute, one-step method to differentiate diagnoses and shunt management. The company has rich R&D experience and technical reserves in detection of infectious diseases, such as rapid HIV testing reagents, with a wide range of application prospects.

HymonBio is a high-tech enterprise focused on research and development, production and sales of innovative molecular diagnostic reagents and POCT-related products. HymonBio is now inviting partnerships from agents and distributors for in vitro reagents and devices in China and abroad. The company will provide strong market support and operation guidance for partners with a broad space for cooperation for a win-win collaboration.

Post time: Jan-28-2022