Tan Miao: innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou, comfortable, intimate and quiet


Tan Miao: innovation and entrepreneurship in Suzhou, comfortable, intimate and quiet

"The Federation of leading talents is a big family. We have met many new friends here, which provides more possibilities for our development and injects new power." said Dr. Tan Miao, founder and general manager of HymonBio Co.,Ltd. and deputy director of biomedical Committee of Suzhou leading talents Federation.


As a start-up enterprise, HymonBio will become a "new star" of great concern in 2020. In the face of the sudden COVID-19, HymonBio developed SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid detection reagent. In only a week, the first generation product "New Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit" was successfully developed in January 25th last year, which has achieved the fastest laboratory high throughput detection in the world. 384 sample processing + detection time takes only 1.5 hours. After the product was downloaded, the company produced 4800 copies of COVID-19 nucleic acid detection kit with a total value of 768 thousand yuan, and donated it to the Wuhan third party inspection agency through the Red Cross Society of Taicang overnight to support the first line of anti epidemic. In May of last year, the "one-step" New Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit "Hymon® SARS-CoV-2 Test Kit" developed by HymonBio biotechnology was officially approved by the US FDA emergency use authorization (EUA). The rapid and efficient detection performance of the kit has been concerned and reported by more than 30 overseas media and praised by the director of FDA. The products are exported to many countries and regions, with zero global complaints, which has contributed "Suzhou strength" to the global anti epidemic.

"COVID-19, let our peers stand on the same line. For us, it is a time to show our responsibilities and an opportunity to play our technological strength," Tan Miao said.

"Our team are all veterans of the industry, who have come out of universities, institutes, laboratories and diagnostic enterprises." HymonBio Co.,Ltd. was founded by Tan Miao and Dr. Chen Hua, who have served as the person in charge of the sub project of detection products of major national special projects on infectious diseases. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of precision medical industry and POCT (instant inspection) related products. "Our original intention is the early intervention of major diseases. Through early diagnosis and early treatment, we can not only improve the cure rate of patients, but also save a lot of medical costs for the public health security system."

Avoid product homogenization, adhere to innovation leadership, and master industry-leading technology. HymonBio biotechnology independently developed an accurate gene detection platform based on nano antibody molecular lock technology and nano magnetic bead technology, which is used for selective specific sequence recognition and asymmetric amplification. Its core technology has applied for nearly 20 patents and has obtained 6 authorizations. The early colorectal tumor gene detection products developed on this platform have obtained EU certification and free sales certificates from five countries. It is used to find trace free nucleic acid markers of high-risk intestinal lesions in the blood, which can warn the tumor risk six months in advance. Seven gene detection pre-treatment kits have obtained the production license of medical devices from the State Food and drug administration, including three series of free nucleic acid extraction reagents, methylation transformation reagents and sequencing supporting reagents.

The biomedical industry needs both technology and emotion. For diagnostic products, it is more convenient to carry and operate, faster detection time and less pain to patients. "We seek to establish multiple detection systems to reflect more indicators as far as possible in a single test." taking New Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit as an example, the company's new generation of products can detect a new crown, a and B viruses at a time. At present, it is applying for FDA certification. The "blockbuster" and rapid development of HymonBio has also won the favor of capital and has won the first round of financing. Tan Miao said that in the future, he hopes to get the first certificate of early cancer screening as soon as possible, introduce more talents, continue to expand domestic and foreign markets and achieve better development.


"Being close to Shanghai was the initial reason why we chose Suzhou. Moreover, as the first batch of enterprises settled in Taicang biological port, it is very comfortable for the team to innovate and start a business here, so that people can calm down and engage in scientific research." Tan Miao said, "the local government staff are very professional, and we are surprised by their understanding of the in vitro diagnosis industry. We are very relieved to start a business here." she said, Suzhou has a good entrepreneurial environment, considerate service and high efficiency. In terms of the export of test kits, at the beginning, they knew nothing about foreign trade. After putting forward the demand, the government staff took the initiative to come to the door and provide guidance step by step to help them solve the export problems, saving them a lot of time. From Taicang to Suzhou, there are many preferential policies in terms of policy support, which has given great help to enterprises. Last year, the company made great events and expanded its new plant. The company also successfully obtained the recognition of national high-tech enterprises and enjoyed preferential relief in taxes and fees.

"There are many upstream and downstream enterprises in the biomedical industry in the leading talent Federation. For biomedical enterprises, they will have more choices to find raw material suppliers in the industrial chain." Tan Miao, deputy director of the biomedical special committee of Suzhou leading talent Federation, said that he will participate in organizing more visits to biomedical enterprises in the future, Let the biomedical enterprises in Suzhou be more closely linked, "let's unite, share resources, form a supply chain, strengthen the industrial chain and achieve common development." (Su Bao financial media reporter Zhang Xiaoliang / photo)

Post time: May-31-2021