Women’s Strength in Science and Technology


Women’s Strength in Science and Technology

Inside the Loujiang Science and Technology’s Women’s Living Room

Recently, the Taicang Municipal Women’s Federation launched the Loujiang Technological Women’s Innovation and Development Action. Dr. Tammy Tan participated in the symposium as one of technology-based female entrepreneurs.

At the meeting, everyone spoke freely. Dr. Tan shared her entrepreneurial experience and government policy support based on her own field and work.

Afterwards, the federation awarded six “Loujiang Science and Technology Women’s Reception Hall,” including for HymonBio Co., Ltd., and visited some reception hall bases.

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Dr. Tammy Tan

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Biologist Charles Darwin once said, “The most important reason why I can succeed in science is my love of science and my long-term exploration.” Dr. Tan studied at Nanjing University with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, and then studied at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. During her Ph.D., she went abroad to Germany for exchange visits, gaining foreign research experience, and founded HymonBio Co., Ltd. in 2015 after returning to China. For more than ten years, Dr. Miao Tan has focused on the research of gene expression regulation and cancer pathogenesis, as well as the development of diagnostic reagents in the field of emerging infectious diseases. As a deputy to the 17th Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress, a member of the National Medical Laboratory Expert Committee, an expert in experimental medicine, and an expert in the health system industry, she served as the project leader of the sub-project of testing products of the national major special project for infectious diseases, led the team to overcome difficulties in different epidemic outbreaks such as H1N1 and H7N9, and provided hard core scientific and technological support for the research and development and production of precision medicine industry and POCT-related products.

With joint efforts from Dr. Tan and her colleagues, HymonBio has won the 2021 “Star Innovation” Gold Award for Excellent Innovative Products in Vitro Diagnostics in China, the National High-tech Enterprise, the first “R&D Enterprise in Jiangsu Province” in Taicang, and the enterprises supported by the “Double Innovation Plan” in Jiangsu Province. HymonBio has demonstrated “Suzhou Power” through strong innovation.

Post time: Oct-21-2022