HAEMOCERT™ Colorectal Cancer Screening Test


HAEMOCERT™ Colorectal Cancer Screening Test

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HAEMOCERT™ Colorectal Cancer Screening Test has passed CE certification and is used for early colorectal cancer screening. Tests for 3 gene methylation and 1 gene mutation.

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Technical Advantages

Multi-dimensional, Full coverageDetects 3  gene methylation and 1 gene mutation

Original ECS magnetic bead extraction technology: Different-sized magnetic beads extract different lengths of nucleic acid for higher extraction rates

Patented MOLOCK antibody molecular lock amplification technology: Wild type gene is “locked” by antibody binding to prevent its amplification and ensures mutant gene amplification, increasing the detection rate from 1/100 to 1/10,000.

Convenient for sampling: Uses 5 ml peripheral blood samples

Detect 3 gene methylations and 1 mutation.

Detection Process

Detection Process-Hymon Colorectal Cancer Screening Test


Those at highest risk include:

  • Family history of tumor
  • Prone to bowel inflammation
  • Advanced age (ages 40 and up)
  • Obese
  • Diabetic
  • Long term exposure to carcinogens (i.e. smokers, alcoholics)
Applicable scenarios for colorectal cancer detection kits
CRC kit appliction

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