Hymon® Blood Gastric Cancer Screening


Hymon® Blood Gastric Cancer Screening

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HymonBio Gastric Cancer Gene Methylation Detection Kit uses 2 specific gene methylation of circulating tumor DNA (cfDNA) in blood samples. This kit uses innovative multi-gene detection technology, combined with original Magnetic Bead Extraction technology improving efficiency of low-concentration small fragment cell-free nucleic acid, and hence has higher sensitivity and specificity; clinical studies have shown a sensitivity of 89% and specificity of 91%. The kit uses non-invasive blood samples, making testing convenient and improves compliance, and providing a non-invasive technical means for monitoring recurrence after clinical treatment.

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    Technical Advantages

    Multi-dimensional, Full coverageDetects 3 gene methylation

    Original ECS magnetic bead extraction technologyDifferent-sized magnetic beads extract different lengths of nucleic acid for higher extraction rates

    Patented MOLOCK antibody molecular lock amplification technologyWild type gene is “locked” by antibody binding to prevent its amplification and ensures mutant gene amplification, increasing the detection rate from 1/100 to 1/10,000.

    Convenient sampling: Uses 5 ml peripheral blood samples


    Stages of Gastric Cancer

    High Risk Population:

    • Mostly occurs in people above age 50
    • Affects men more than women
    • Obesity, lack of exercise and poor diet
    • Excessive smoking
    • Helicobacter pylori infection
    • Long-term inflammation of the stomach

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