Hymon® Urine Bladder Cancer Screening


Hymon® Urine Bladder Cancer Screening

Short Description:

HymonBio Bladder Cancer Gene Methylation Detection Kit is used to detect specific gene methylation of exfoliated cells in urine. This kit uses innovative multi-gene detection technology, combined with original NPC Nucleic Acid Extraction technology to better protect the integrity of cellular DNA and greatly improve sensitivity and specificity. The sensitivity was 92%, and the specificity was 94%. The kit uses non-invasive urine samples, making testing convenient and improves compliance, and providing a non-invasive technical means for monitoring recurrence after clinical treatment.

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Technical Advantages

Multi-dimensional coverageDetect 2 gene methylation markers

Magnetic bead extraction technology: Different-sized magnetic beads extract different lengths of nucleic acid for higher extraction rates

Patented MOLOCK antibody molecular lock amplification technology: Wild type gene is “locked” by antibody binding to prevent its amplification and ensures mutant gene amplification, increasing the detection rate from 1/100 to 1/10,000.

High sensitivity and specificity: Using our patented technologies

Detection Process



High Risk Population:

  • Not suitable for cystoscopy, or when lesions cannot be determined by cystoscopy and imaging

  • Patients over 40 years of age with painless hematuria
  • Family history of bladder cancer
  • Poor diet and lack of exercise
  • Long-term occupational exposure to toxic chemical hazards

After treatment, gene methylation can be used to determine whether lesions have been completely removed.

Recurrence Surveillance:

  • Patients with non-invasive bladder cancer need frequent check-ups. Gene methylation can be used.
  • Bladder cancer patient follow-ups.
Risk factors

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